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How this website was created...

Lots of people in the past asked how the website was created. The answer in short is: Photoshop, Perl, ImageMagick, Vim and WML. The long answer is this:

  • The website's design and layout was done on a lot of stacked layers inside Adobe Photoshop (here you can find the original PSD file which you can also import into Gimp). Then the layers were saved in various variants (with and without selected buttons, etc.) as Targa (TGA) images (a common denominator lossless image format). The layout was inspired by a German friend's website.

  • The TGA images were post-processed by a Perl script which used the Perl interface to ImageMagick to cut the full-page TGA images into rectangular smaller pieces (buttons, etc.) which are finally written out as JPEG images.

  • Inside Vim a WML template was written which resembles the page layout via nested HTML table constructs. The border table cells are filled with the generated images, the inner cells are left blank as WML diversions.

  • Then the set of webpages for the website were written as WML input files in Vim and stored together with the WML template in a filesystem hierarchy. Finally WML was run to generate the HTML files out of the WML template and the WML input files.