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Project Newsflash!

Here you can find hints to the regular news and announcements from the mod_ssl project. Check this table from time to time when you want to be up-to-date with the latest mod_ssl development.

08-Feb-2008:    Released 2.8.31-1.3.41: For Apache 1.3.41!
06-Feb-2008:    Mod_SSL in the German press
12-Sep-2007:    Released 2.8.30-1.3.39: Bug Fix
10-Sep-2007:    Released 2.8.29-1.3.39: For Apache 1.3.39!
28-Jul-2006:    Released 2.8.28-1.3.37: For Apache 1.3.37!
17-May-2006:    Released 2.8.27-1.3.36: For Apache 1.3.36!
08-May-2006:    Released 2.8.26-1.3.35: For Apache 1.3.35!
18-Oct-2005:    Released 2.8.25-1.3.34: For Apache 1.3.34!
02-Sep-2005:    Released 2.8.24-1.3.33: Security Fix
06-Jul-2005:    Released 2.8.23-1.3.33 For OpenSSL 0.9.8!
30-Oct-2004:    Released 2.8.22-1.3.33 For Apache 1.3.33!
22-Oct-2004:    Released 2.8.21-1.3.32 For Apache 1.3.32!
15-Oct-2004:    Released 2.8.20-1.3.31 Security Fix
16-Jul-2004:    Released 2.8.19-1.3.31 Security Fix
27-May-2004:    Released 2.8.18-1.3.31 Security Fix
11-May-2004:    Released 2.8.17-1.3.31 For Apache 1.3.31!
01-Nov-2003:    Released 2.8.16-1.3.29 For Apache 1.3.29!
18-Jul-2003:    Released 2.8.15-1.3.28 For Apache 1.3.28!
14-Jun-2003:    Request my keynote held at SSL-days in Hamburg Germany.
21-Mar-2003:    Released 2.8.14-1.3.27 Important bugfixes.
18-Mar-2003:    Released 2.8.13-1.3.27 Security and other bugfixes.
23-Oct-2002:    Released 2.8.12-1.3.27 Security bugfix.
04-Oct-2002:    Released 2.8.11-1.3.27 Apache 1.3.27 and bugfixes.
24-Jun-2002:    Released 2.8.10-1.3.26 Bugfixes only
19-Jun-2002:    Released 2.8.9-1.3.26 Apache 1.3.26 and bugfixes.
27-Mar-2002:    Released 2.8.8-1.3.24 Apache 1.3.24 and bugfixes.
23-Feb-2002:    Released 2.8.7-1.3.23 Bugfixes only
01-Feb-2002:    Released 2.8.6-1.3.23 For Apache 1.3.23!
23-Oct-2001:    Released 2.8.5-1.3.22a VPN Fix for SSL hardware and other security systems.
16-Oct-2001:    Released 2.8.5-1.3.22 For Apache 1.3.22!
20-May-2001:    Released 2.8.4-1.3.20 For Apache 1.3.20!
04-May-2001:    Released 2.8.3-1.3.19 Cleanups
12-Apr-2001:    Latest statistics for March 2001 available
30-Mar-2001:    Released 2.8.2-1.3.19 Bugfixes, Cleanups
03-Mar-2001:    Released 2.8.1-1.3.19 For Apache 1.3.19!
01-Mar-2001:    Latest statistics for February 2001 available
08-Feb-2001:    Latest statistics for January 2001 available
30-Jan-2001:    Released 2.8.0-1.3.17 For Apache 1.3.17!
10-Jan-2001:    Latest statistics for December 2000 available
01-Jan-2001:    HAPPY NEW YEAR!
04-Dec-2000:    Latest statistics for November 2000 available
01-Nov-2000:    Latest statistics for October 2000 available
21-Oct-2000:    View my presentation held at ApacheCon 2000 in London
18-Oct-2000:    Latest statistics available
14-Oct-2000:    Released 2.7.1-1.3.14 bugfix for SSLSessionCache directive
13-Oct-2000:    Released 2.7.0-1.3.14 Apache 1.3.14, OpenSSL ENGINE, SHMCB
01-Sep-2000:    Latest statistics available: over 1 million domains with mod_ssl
12-Aug-2000:    Released 2.6.6-1.3.12 Segfault fixes! Upgrade, please.
10-Aug-2000:    Latest statistics available
04-Jul-2000:    Released 2.6.5-1.3.12 The usual maintainance work only
03-Jul-2000:    Latest statistics available
01-Jun-2000:    Latest statistics available
01-Jun-2000:    Stronghold 3 now mod_ssl based!
08-May-2000:    Latest statistics available
01-May-2000:    Released 2.6.4-1.3.12 Regular amount of fixes and cleanups
16-Apr-2000:    Released 2.6.3-1.3.12 Regular amount of fixes and cleanups
02-Mar-2000:    Released 2.6.2-1.3.12 Bugfixes, new ca-bundle.crt file
01-Mar-2000:    Latest statistics available
29-Feb-2000:    Released 2.6.1-1.3.12 PRNG seeding enhancements, cleanups
25-Feb-2000:    Released 2.6.0-1.3.12 Apache 1.3.12, HTTPS proxy enhancements
24-Feb-2000:    Released 2.5.1-1.3.11 A bunch of bugfixes.
22-Jan-2000:    Released 2.5.0-1.3.11 Apache 1.3.11
08-Jan-2000:    Released 2.4.10-1.3.9 Lots of cleanups.
05-Jan-2000:    Latest statistics available
01-Dec-1999:    Online version of SSL presentation for C&W ECRC available
30-Nov-1999:    Latest statistics available: mod_ssl community steadily increasing
24-Nov-1999:    Released 2.4.9-1.3.9 Lots of bugfixes and enhancements
10-Nov-1999:    Added an about website for interested webdesigners
05-Nov-1999:    Released 2.4.8-1.3.9 Important bugfix! Please upgrade.
02-Nov-1999:    Released 2.4.7-1.3.9 Small cleanups and enhancements only
01-Nov-1999:    Latest statistics available: mod_ssl grew dramatically
22-Oct-1999:    Released 2.4.6-1.3.9 Lots of bugfixes and cleanups
01-Oct-1999:    Released 2.4.5-1.3.9 Bugfixes and Enhancements
28-Sep-1999:    Released 2.4.4-1.3.9 IPC semun fixes for Linux
27-Sep-1999:    Released 2.4.3-1.3.9 Cleanups and Bugfixes
06-Sep-1999:    Released 2.4.2-1.3.9 Cleanups and Bugfixes
06-Sep-1999:    Holger Reif's mod_ssl presentations
30-Aug-1999:    Released 2.4.1-1.3.9 Cleanups, Bugfix for I/O Errors
18-Aug-1999:    Released 2.4.0-1.3.9 Apache 1.3.9
03-Aug-1999:    Released 2.3.11-1.3.6 Bugfixes and new config checks
28-Jul-1999:    Released 2.3.10-1.3.6 Experimental POST solution
26-Jul-1999:    Released 2.3.9-1.3.6 Bugfixes for alloc.c
25-Jul-1999:    Released 2.3.8-1.3.6 One more fix for a nasty bug.
25-Jul-1999:    Released 2.3.7-1.3.6 Bugfixes for DBM session cache
15-Jul-1999:    Released 2.3.6-1.3.6 Bugfixes, SSLCertificateChainFile
10-Jul-1999:    The second statistic update is available for mod_ssl
24-Jun-1999:    The first statistics are available for mod_ssl
22-Jun-1999:    Released 2.3.5-1.3.6 Important bugfixes for session cache
18-Jun-1999:    Released 2.3.4-1.3.6 Enhanced renegotiation support
09-Jun-1999:    Released 2.3.3-1.3.6 Portability bugfixes
08-Jun-1999:    Released 2.3.2-1.3.6 Shared Memory Session Cache
28-May-1999:    Released 2.3.1-1.3.6 Bugfixes, especially Win32
25-May-1999:    Released 2.3.0-1.3.6 DH/DSA and CRL support, OpenSSL 0.9.3
01-May-1999:    Switched support mailing list to
30-Apr-1999:    Switched to the new official home:
12-Apr-1999:    Released 2.2.8-1.3.6: Lot's of small fixes and cleanups
29-Mar-1999:    Released 2.2.7-1.3.6: Workaround for MSIE, memory leak fixes
24-Mar-1999:    Released 2.2.6-1.3.6: Upgrade to Apache 1.3.6 and security issues!
18-Mar-1999:    Released 2.2.5-1.3.4: Two important bugfixes!
04-Mar-1999:    Released 2.2.4-1.3.4: Important bugfixes & OpenSSL transition
21-Feb-1999:    Released 2.2.3-1.3.4: Another bugfix release.
05-Feb-1999:    Released 2.2.2-1.3.4: A quick bugfix release.
04-Feb-1999:    Released 2.2.1-1.3.4: SSLProtocol directive; HowTo chapter
27-Jan-1999:    Released 2.2.0-1.3.4: Per-URL SSL renegotiation, SSLRandSeed.
21-Jan-1999:    Released 2.1.8-1.3.4: Another major bugfix release
11-Jan-1999:    Released 2.1.7-1.3.4: The step-up to Apache 1.3.4!
06-Jan-1999:    Released 2.1.6-1.3.3: A major bugfix release.
02-Jan-1999:    Released 2.1.5-1.3.3: Happy New Year: Another bugfix version
23-Dec-1998:    Released 2.1.4-1.3.3: Merry Christmas... OpenSSL
05-Dec-1998:    Released 2.1.3-1.3.3: Bugfixes and Features: Global ID, APXS
03-Dec-1998:    Released 2.1.2-1.3.3: Second bugfixing release
30-Nov-1998:    Released 2.1.1-1.3.3: First bugfixing release for new 2.1 branch
25-Nov-1998:    The complete mod_ssl webarea was updated and cleaned up
17-Nov-1998:    Released 2.1.0-1.3.3: Happy Birthday: The final release.
15-Nov-1998:    Released 2.1b9-1.3.3: New distribution layout, new User Manual
07-Nov-1998:    Released 2.0.15-1.3.3: Another 2.0 maintainance release
04-Nov-1998:    Released 2.1b8-1.3.3: DLL support for Win32, new SSLOptions, etc.
01-Nov-1998:    Released 2.0.14-1.3.3: Another 2.0 maintainance release
01-Nov-1998:    Established a mod_ssl reference list Add yourself, too!
30-Oct-1998:    Released 2.1b7-1.3.3: Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) support!
20-Oct-1998:    View my presentation held at Apachecon'98 in San Francisco
09-Oct-1998:    Released 2.0.13-1.3.3 (Apache 1.3.3, ca-fix, gcache fixes)
09-Oct-1998:    Released 2.1b6-1.3.3 (development branch)
07-Oct-1998:    Created a Contrib area for users
06-Oct-1998:    CVS Repository now accessible via RSYNC
02-Oct-1998:    Released 2.0.12-1.3.2
01-Oct-1998:    Released 2.1b5-1.3.2 (Apache 1.3.2, Win32 support)
30-Sep-1998:    mod_ssl now ported to Win32 platform
29-Sep-1998:    On ApacheCon'98 there will be a mod_ssl lession.
23-Sep-1998:    Released 2.0.11-1.3.2 (Apache 1.3.2)
08-Sep-1998:    Released 2.1b4-1.3.1
18-Sep-1998:    New SSL Connection Test page established.
17-Sep-1998:    Released 2.0.10-1.3.1
13-Sep-1998:    Released 2.0.9-1.3.1
12-Sep-1998:    Released 2.0.8-1.3.1
09-Sep-1998:    Released 2.0.7-1.3.1
08-Sep-1998:    Released 2.1b3-1.3.1
06-Sep-1998:    Released 2.1b2-1.3.1
02-Sep-1998:    Released 2.1b1-1.3.1
31-Aug-1998:    New Bug Database established for mod_ssl.
29-Aug-1998:    Released 2.0.6-1.3.1
26-Aug-1998:    Released 2.1b0-1.3.1
25-Aug-1998:    Released 2.0.5-1.3.1
22-Aug-1998:    Active development of mod_ssl 2.1 started
21-Aug-1998:    A set of powered by buttons were painted.
18-Aug-1998:    Released 2.0.4-1.3.1
16-Aug-1998:    Released 2.0.3-1.3.1
13-Aug-1998:    Released 2.0.2-1.3.1
11-Aug-1998:    Released 2.0.1-1.3.1
10-Aug-1998:    Released 2.0.0-1.3.1 (first public release)
XX-Apr-1998:    Genesis of mod_ssl 1.0.x (for Apache 1.3b6)